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A Change of Seasons

Our choristers did a tremendous job showing off all of their hard work at our performance last week and the entire chorus community is so proud of them! What a celebration of all of the hard work they did this past fall!

As we look ahead to the spring semester and say farewell to our beloved Mr. Mario and hello to the dynamite Mr. Duvuvuei (Mr. D), we want to do a December check in so that you can learn a bit about Mr. Duvuvuei and so that we can be available for any questions as we move through this transition. While the artistic director will change, Mrs. Yoder’s role in working with the choristers and supporting the artistic director will not change and she will be there to help choristers acclimate to the directorial change. In the times that Mr. D has visited our classes and in conducting the choristers for our concert, he has already established rapport with them and always demonstrates joy and excitement around our learning! 

Mr. D currently teaches music at Forest Hill Community Learning Center where he instructs primarily English language learners and refugee populations. He has a wide range of experience in teaching music with 10 years at Ashland High School, 2 years at Miller South School for the Visual and Performing Arts, and 5 years as Fine Arts Administrator for Akron Public Schools. In addition to teaching Mr. D has traveled extensively, singing and conducting throughout the United States and Europe. Most recently his middle school choirs competed at the International Choral Competition in Bratislava, Slovakia where they took home gold, silver and bronze awards. Additionally, he spent time studying children’s choral music at the Nyiregyhaza Kodaly Kollégium in Nyiregyhaza, Hungary, and has competed in Italy, Spain, Germany, and Austria. Even with all of his wide ranging experience and success, Mr. D. remembers his first music teacher, Mrs. Arrowood and the incredible impact she had on his life. Mrs. Arrowood unlocked a love of music that he carries into every class he teaches and rehearsal he directs. After the tremendous performance by all of the singers at the holiday concert Mr. D is excited to jump in, get to know each singer, and inspire a deeper love of music with new music and fun opportunities.   

We are excited for the next phase of our Hudson Youth and Children’s choruses.  Looking ahead, we want to provide our singers with a way to increase their musical ability and provide opportunities to grow into the strong singers and leaders we see in them!

~Ms. Yoder and Mr. D.

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