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Chorister Registration

Parents or guardians of all new and returning Youth and Children's Chorus members should complete the following registration form at the beginning of each fall term. Please contact with any questions.

 Hudson Community Youth & Children's Chorus Registration
2024-2025 Season

Please have a parent or guardian complete this form. One entry per singer.  Thank you!
I give permission to text our cellphones
Chorister's Musical Experience

Medical Information and Treatment Authorization

My child plans to participate in the Hudson Youth/Children’s Chorus program.  I hereby provide the following information, authorization, and transport proxy information:


Allergy/Medical Condition Information:  My child has the following allergy(ies) or other medical condition of which the program should be aware:

Medical Treatment Authorization: In case of an emergency, I authorize the Program to take my child to the nearest medical facility and further authorize that facility and any of its staff or any licensed physician to perform any medical treatment (such as admission to hospital, surgery, administration of medication, general treatment) upon my child. I/we agree to be fully responsible for all costs of such treatment. I authorize treatment in the Hospital’s Emergency Department as needed.

Transport Proxy: I plan to drop off/pick up my child from each rehearsal. The following people are also authorized to pick up my child from Hudson Chorus rehearsals:

I understand that my child will only be released to the people listed above. If other arrangements are made, I will contact the Director in advance to let him know of these arrangements. 

Photo & Information Release: HCYC and H3C will occasionally post photos, videos and other promotional materials on the website or social media.  I hereby give my consent for my Child to be audio recorded, photographed or videotaped in connection with his/her participation in the program. I understand that Hudson Community Choruses will not identify my child by name or allow any third party to use the photos and videotapes for commercial purposes without obtaining my written permission in advance.

I hereby execute this medical treatment authorization, transport proxy and photo/videotape release.

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