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Buzzing Right Along!

Greetings choristers and families!

It's been a productive and fun month of singing and learning in the Hudson Youth and Children's Chorus! A big thank you to all of the parents who are helping us with snacks and volunteering as well as supporting practice at home. Keep reading to find out what we've been up to this month!

Our children's chorus has been busy continuing to develop their understanding and use of solfege as well as some of the more tricky rhythms of our pieces. We've been practicing our pronunciation of the Japanese words in Jasmine Flower and our enunciation of words in The Bumblebee. We also learned our movements for Bumblebee and are working to practice them while singing! Choristers are encouraged to continue using their music while practicing at home to ensure that they are hitting those notes and rhythms correctly.

The Youth Chorus has been busy refining their music by focusing on independence (being able to sing their part against a different part) and expression (dynamic changes and articulations). We have discovered our favorite piece so far is Ad Astra.

Both choruses have been working hard on their combined pieces as well. For one our combined pieces, Imagine, a Hudson High School student came in to begin instruction on ASL for it! All choristers got to learn and practice how to sign the chorus of Imagine, while singing (See video below)! We will have a few more lessons from Ava to learn the entire song and she will also be leading choristers with ASL in the concert! It is also very important for choristers to practice with the sign language videos at home.

Finally, please continue to encourage your child to practice all of their pieces at home. The voice is amazing because it’s the only instrument you have to take with you everywhere you go. Keep encouraging them to sing! Support them even if they aren’t quite getting it. Picasso didn’t become the artist we know overnight. Encourage your child to try, fail big and try again- that’s how we grow!

~Mr. D and Ms. Yoder


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