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Season Wrap-Up

Greetings families!

As we near the end of our fall season, we want to extend thanks to all of the children for their hard work and dedication to our holiday program as well as you all for your support of their musical endeavors. This past month students have made great strides with their pieces, as well as with their performance skills and interactions with fellow chorus members!

Our learning has encompassed musical terms and symbols, as well as counting rhythms, which we got to practice with Halloween bingo (pictures below!) We have been working on various performance skills, such as how to get off and on stage and how to look professional at a concert- wherein we discussed the why of our uniform choices this year. We have also been working on how to sing out and they have been doing it! With our community and social emotional support pieces, we have been focused on how to stay regulated (in the green zone) during performances through different breathing techniques as well as how to offer empathy and support to fellow chorus members if they are going through something tough. We have also enjoyed some special visitors this month, including Mr. D from our adult chorus and of course, Miss Kathy- our biggest fan!

We look forward to some magical concerts coming up at the Festival of Trees, caroling and of course, our main concert here in Hudson on December 3rd! We are also excited about what's next in the spring as we look ahead. As always, if there is anything we can do to support your child or you as we wrap up the season, please do not hesitate to reach out to either of us.

Sing you real soon! Mrs. Y and Mr. Mario

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