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October Octaves and Musical Monsters!

Greetings families and happy October!

We’ve been having such a great time with the kids! We continue to learn our music and how to sing well. At the beginning of the season, we had the choristers write down “Norms” they wanted in the choir. One we regularly go back to is “Support your fellow chorister.” One way to support your fellow choristers is singing out. The choristers continue to gain confidence in their singing, which is wonderful to see!

One of their favorite pieces is “Birthday Carol” which we worked on memorization last week. During the next rehearsals we will work harder on memorization so we are all prepared for our concert on December 3rd

With Ms. Yoder, choristers have been focusing on music theory skills as well as correct and incorrect singing techniques. With skills, both groups applied their understanding of tempo, dynamics and also the mood of various pieces of music, both modern and classical. They practiced comparing different dynamics and tempo of two versions of the same song and from there, extracted the mood or feel of the songs, discussing how and why they differ.

In addition to these musical skills, the Youth group identified a list of correct and incorrect ways to sing and applied their knowledge during a game of Monsters Among Us. Each chorister got to become both a monster and a singing detective. Monsters volunteered to execute an incorrect singing technique such as posture, mouth shape, diction, etc. and then a student detective had to identify who was the monster by observing carefully which chorister was singing incorrectly. Our Children's group focused on the science of sound and used the design process to create their favorite instruments from their knowledge of vibration! Check out fun evidence of all of our learning below!

Thanks for keeping updated with what we are doing and supporting your choristers at home! Feel free to reach out to Mr. Mario or Ms. Yoder with questions or concerns, and we look forward to seeing everyone next Monday!

~Mr. Mario and Ms. Yoder

Abigail (a detective) is trying to identify incorrect singing techniques from the Monster!

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